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Does your 21Spices contain any sodium or salt?

No! 21Spices is harvested from all natural spices and herbs. Customers use our spice as a substitute for salt due its aromatic, flavor, and natural antioxidant  ingredients. If you do use salt with 21Spices the flavor of the spices is taken to a new "Zing" as I like to say. 

Does 21Spices include any peanut products or any other allergen?

21Spices is an all natural spice and gluten free. I source from organic farmers from around the world, whom pledge to harvest spices free of Allergen. Due to the complexity of farming, weather, sourcing, packaging & transportation along the supply chain, I can guarantee our spices to be 99% free of allergens.  The 1% chance in life will always be existing variable regardless of how much precaution my organic farmers and suppliers take. For more information on this, please go to my Allergen page in which I candidly disclose more about this very important issue.

Will 21Spices color my food like Saffron?

It depends? If you sprinke 21Spices on precooked or ready to eat food you will see the vibrant color of the spices but it won't color your food like Saffron.

Why is 21Spices so expensive compared to other spices?

21Spices is 100% organic and all natural. Unlike most spices out in the marketplace, I don't include any artificial ingredients, chemicals with funny names, preservatives, anti-caking agents, sodium enhancers, MSG, pesticide laced herbs and other stuff. My spices do not sit on the shelves for weeks or months. I buy the top of the line spices and herbs from high quality boutique farmers. From there these spices are hand prepared and individually measured one by one until all 21Spices are perfectly balanced. I personally hand prepare each spice upon request and autograph each bottle for authenticity. It's labor intensive and expensive to incorporate these unique spices but the cost to you is only a fraction of my price.  The best part, the health benefits are priceless.

Is 21Spices Spicy?

21Spices has a noticeable "Zing" to it as I like to say. It's mild enough to sprinkle on food and spicy enough to prepare a fierce 21Spices buffalo wings. Oh by the way, if you haven't tried a 21Spices Buffalo Wing...enough said.

What is the shelf life of 21Spices?

The recommended shelf life of 21Spices is 6 months. But I recommend you keep the spices in a cool dark place and away from direct sunlight. You won't have to worry about the shelf life because my customers normally re-order within 6 months anyway. 

Is there a recommended amount of 21Spices I need to use in my recipes?

Versality is what makes 21Spices so unique. Unlike other spices, the decision is up to each individual. If you prefer a very mild flavor you use a pinch. If you need a bold flavor you would add more depending on your taste buds. 21Spices is a unique spice blend that you can uniquely use alone or with other ingredients to enhance your recipes.

Do I need to add salt when cooking with 21Spices?

No. But if you want to unlock the all natural herbs and spices, adding salt will take 21Spices up several "Zings!"

Does 21Spices have any medical benefits?

Spices in general have been documented to have many positive health benefits. It took well over a year of trial and error to incorporate the most potent spices and natural herbs to create 21Spices. For more information about the benefits of using some unique spices as part of a healthy diet visit my Spice University.

Is it dangerous to mix 21Spices with my other spices?

21Spices is unque because it was formulated to compliment other spices. Think of 21Spices as the foundation to your culinary art.


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